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Company intro

Over the last thirty years, the prepress industry has evolved rapidly
from an almost completely manual workflow to a digital one.
Thema Studio has been a key figure during this evolution.

2019 Best in Flexo

2019 Best in Flexo

Here are the latest awards:

Best in Flexo 2019
Thema Studio won the award “Creative and/or innovative use of the flexo printing process”

1° First place for the category “Narrow band paper/cardboard”
2° Second place for the category “Narrow band paper/cardboard”
1° First place for the category “Mid-band paper/cardboard”

….a tradition that continues…

What We do

  • Prepress consulting

    We are always at your complete disposal when it comes to identifying the ideal solution in order to meet your needs.

  • Technical support

    In requested by customers, we can provide full assistance for any problems that may arise during the printing process.

  • Prepress

    It is the department that develops all customers’ projects following a procedure that allows to obtain a quality end product.
    In the prepress department we process your images so that they can be printed in the best way.